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Captain Jack's is located on the docks in Seward, Alaska. Having a first-hand look at each catch, we know which Seward fishing charters routinely find the fish. We can point you in the right direction to tip the scales in your favor.

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Our Fish Fly First Class
Category:    Main  »  Salmon Recipes
Title:Conflict Salmon
Detail:My wife and I couldn't agree on how to cook our salmon one night so we both prepared a dish.  This is her recipe that came out of that "night of conflict" and the reason for the name.  This recipe makes 3 day old fish taste great. This is a good pescetarian dish.  There is no dairy or other non vegan ingredients.
Serves 2 about 30 minutes prep.


Shallots                    DICED; 1 large about 3T
Garlic                       DICED; 1 large bud
Sun Dried Tomatoes  DICED; 3 cleaned and drained,  enough to cover the fish
Red Pepper Flake      1t; leave out if you do not like heat
Rosemary                 DICED; fresh is best, enough to your taste
Mushroom                 DICED; 1 large, your choice of variety
Calamata Olives        DICED: 6 no more
Spinach                    CHOPPED; fresh is best, about 3 T or to taste
Nutmeg                    GRIND; a little on top of spinach            
Seasoning                Salt & Pepper; watch the salt as olives contribute
Salmon                    Lower cost salmon is preferred (stronger flavor)
Olive Oil                   Cooking grade EVOO, some will be added to mixture
Grape Seed Oil         For cooking, any high temp low flavor oil will work
Almonds                  SLIVERED or SHAVED; 1/4 C

Preheat oven to 375
Simmer EVOO in large pan add: Shallots cook until softened; add Garlic cook 1 minute; add Sun Dried Tomatoes; Red Pepper Flake; Mushroom; Olives. Cook until done about 3 to 5 minutes dependant on heat level. Important to keep mixture dry. Remove from heat and immediately add Spinach/ nutmeg; Seasoning; and wilt down; remove to cooling plate or if too wet to colander for draining. Reserve pan; Let topping rest 10 minutes.
Prepare Salmon: Season both sides; let rest; dry both sides; oil both sides with Cooking EVOO; add topping to flesh side; You can remove the skin but it is better if skin is left on (more flavor, holds together). Sockeye produces a crisper skin.
Reheat reserved pan; bring a little Grape Seed Oil to just under smoke point; gently add Topped Salmon skin down; immediately place in oven
Bake 10 minutes=rare or @ 350 for 15 minutes well done
Plating can be skin up to keep skin crisp or skin down to showcase the topping.

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