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Captain Jack's is located on the docks in Seward, Alaska. Having a first-hand look at each catch, we know which Seward fishing charters routinely find the fish. We can point you in the right direction to tip the scales in your favor.

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Our Fish Fly First Class

Captain Jack's Seafood Locker ships your freshly-frozen Alaska Seafood via UPS overnight delivery, directly from our freezer to your front door. This ensures that when you order Alaskan seafood from Captain Jack's it arrives in perfect condition on the day you choose.

Shipping Info

Our Fish Fly First Class


Captain Jack's offers meal-size (1-2 pound) packaging using 5 mill commercial polyethylene vacuum pack bags.

The faster fish is frozen the better flavor and texture it will have when thawed. Captain Jack's commercial blast freezers operate at 40 degrees below zero and holding freezers at 20 degrees below zero.

per lb
Vacuum Pack Only $ 1.10
Vacuum Pack and Freezing $ 1.55
Freezing Only (pre-vacuum packed product) $ 1.00
Storage1 (per box per day) $ 10.00
1All fish processed at Capatian Jacks get one week free freezer storage.

Captain Jack's uses seafood industry approved boxes made of multi-walled, fiberboard/cardboard that surrounds a one inch Styrofoam insulated liner to enhance container integrity and increase insulation value.

Our seafood boxes have been tested by delivery services for holding temperatures and meet airline and air freight requirements.

Gel ice packs are added to maintain a low temperature during transit. Seafood industry standards recommend using at least one 1.5 pound frozen gel ice pack per 25 pounds of fish.

per box
Large (50 lbs of filleted fish) $ 22.00
Medium (35 lbs of filleted fish) $ 19.75
Mini-Medium (25 lbs of filleted fish) $ 17.75
Small (15 lbs of filleted fish) $ 15.75
Mini-Small (10 lbs of filleted fish) $ 13.75
Gel Ice Pack (each) $ 2.00

To ensure your fish arrives as fresh as the day you caught it, Captain Jack's ships exclusively using Federal Express Overnight Delivery. Your catch is processed, frozen, boxed and stored at 20 degrees below zero until the shipping date of your choice.

To accommodate the weight of the packing materials, add 10 pounds to your filleted fish weight when calculating the cost of shipping.

Insurance is included in all shipping prices.

FedEx Shipping
includes current 0.00 % fuel surcharge*
20 lbs $ 107.02
30 lbs $ 140.08
35 lbs $ 190.42
40 lbs $ 208.19
50 lbs $ 215.42
60 lbs $ 260.45
*FedEx prices may be subject to fuel surcharge and may change without notice.

For customers who plan to take their boxed fish with them as checked baggage, Captain Jack's custom packing ensures your container will not exceed specifications.

Captain Jack's also provides courier service to Alaska airports for those customers who have additional travel days within the state after their fishing trip. Prices are based upon airport destination, weight and number of boxes being sent by courier.

Anchorage International Airport
Courier Service Airport Freezer Storage
0 - 10 lbs $ 35.00 Small $ 14.00
11 -25 lbs $ 35.00 Medium $ 16.00
26 - 50 lbs $ 35.00 Large $ 18.00
Courier Service is only offered June thru August on Tuesdays and Fridays.


One 50 pound halibut yields approximately 25 lbs of fillets.

25 lbs Vacuum Pack & Freeze @ 1.55 per lb $ 38.75
1 Mini-Medium 25 lbs box $ 17.75
2 Gel Ice Packs @ 2.00 $ 4.00
*FedEx Overnight Shipping (35 lbs total weight) $ 190.42
Sub Total $ 250.92
Sales Tax @ 1.70% $ 4.27
Total $ 255.19
approximately $10.21 per pound
50 lbs Vacuum Pack & Freeze 1.55 per lb $ 77.50
1 Large 50 lbs box $ 22.00
2 Gel Ice Packs $ 4.00
*FedEx Overnight Shipping (60 lbs total weight) $ 260.45
Sub Total $ 363.95
Sales Tax @ 1.70% $ 6.19
Total $ 370.14
approximately $6.17 per pound
**All prices subject to changewithout notice**